That shine is fading

Noviembre 25, 2007

So many civilians down, turn to dust
Souls drowned at red rivers of hopes
A fog that never leaves this long and winding road
Rest my feet, rest your dreams. Close your eyes

I am just silently standing at the top
Just sightseeing your sun coming down
One last storm and you will come
A chilling breeze that will shiver through my bones

4 respuestas

  1. Iris dice:


  2. Iris dice:

    te quiero mucho manuel :D

  3. Rabih dice:

    “But I can see that star, when she twinkles and she twinkles”
    So many hugs for the wonderful Manuel! (And congrats for first post in English! :D)

    Open your eyes, the chilling breeze is gone, and so is the storm …

  4. manuch dice:

    and she twinkles, why I thought of that too ?

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