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Enero 10, 2007

Para Daniela.
Para Luis.

Original Sinsuality

There was a garden
in the beginning
Before the fall
Before Genesis

There was a tree there
A tree of knowledge
Sophia would insist
You must eat of this

Original Sin?
No I don’t think so.
Original Sinsuality
Original Sin?
No it should be
Original Sinsuality
Original Sin?
No I don’t think so.
Original Sinsuality

I’m calling you
You are not alone
I say
You are not alone
In your Darkness
You are not alone
You are not alone

21 respuestas

  1. rabih dice:

    Something purely wild - which I love - emerges from the latter verse of this song. I wonder when will we have again something utterly structure-less musically and production wise from Tori, like in the old days.
    Nevertheless, too short, a bit pretentious a middle, yet still a good song from The Beekeeper.

  2. Norenid dice:


    Gracias por tu vista a mi blog. Sabes que me encanta esa canción.

    Soy la que escribió el post sobre Tori Amos y Kate Bush.

    Te cuento que tengo Little Earthquakes y Scarlett´s Walk. Lo demás no lo tengo, bueno, pero conozco bastante ya que me compré el DVD Welcome to Sunny Florida ahh y me paso mucho rato en You Tube.

    Gracias por comunicarte conmigo y nada seguiremos hablando. Si quieres pasa por mi blog para que veas el último post. Ahí puse mis videos favoritos de Tori.

    Abrazos desde Puerto Rico.

  3. manuch dice:

    Rabih, I know what you mean. I like all the samael, saklas and gods references in there. It’s average tori song, a good interlude in the beekeeper but makes no sense before Ireland. (oh well, Ireland makes no sense whatsoever).

    But I read these news.. and thought about the song, and somehow I related all these words, sins, people judgment, love, hate, darkness, anger, been alone, satan.

    Norenid, un abrazo, daré una vuelta por tu blog para dejar mis ideas.

  4. rabih dice:

    Great. A 15-year-old is killed because of the stupidity of an elder one. Hey, whatcha doin? Let’s commit suicide, it’s cool.
    Have some sort of respect, if not for you, for the one who’s with you!
    Perfect song for the moment Manuch!

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